Summary of Cleaning Principles

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Summary of Cleaning Principles

Dry Soil Removal through vacuuming in three areas: overall with a CRI SOA/GL approved vacuum cleaner; in entries to remove abrasive particle soils; along edges (perimeter of rooms) to remove dust and dirt buildup that can cause soil filtration.


Soil suspension through chemical action to dissolve, suspend and emulsify soils; elevated temperature (heat) to excite solutions for optimum performance; agitation for uniform solution distribution to achieve maximum contact with soils; dwell time to allow solutions to suspend embedded or oxidized soils.


Removal of Suspended Soil

Once soils have been suspended as completely as possible, they should be physically removed. Mechanisms for removing suspended soils and the methods to which are not limited to or may include:


absorption or adsorption (dry extraction);

wet vacuuming (dry foam and shampoo methods);

rinsing (water extraction);

flushing (immersion cleaning of rugs); or

dry residue vacuuming (absorbent compound, dry foam, and shampoo encapsulation).


Substances removed, such as soil or water, by any cleaning system shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state, provincial, and local regulations.


NOTE:  Rotary or orbital cleaning equipment could negatively affect the warranty on your commercial carpet. Check with the carpet manufacturer before use of this equipment.


Drying to minimize customer inconvenience, promote safety, and health use adequate ventilation for speeding up drying time. The use of commercial air movers (drying fans), HVAC handling systems, or dehumidifiers, greatly reduce drying time.



Traffic Level

Vacuum and/or power pile brushing  entrance level

Vacuum and/or power pile brushing other floors

Spill, spot, and stain removal

Interim Maintenance System cleaning

Deep cleaning


Daily vacuum.

2-3x weekly vacuum.

Daily or as needed.

1-2x annually, soil-prone areas as needed.

1-2x annually. Monthly in soil-prone areas.


Daily vacuum and/or power pile brushing.


Daily vacuum and/or power pile brushing.


Daily or as needed.

6-12x annually, soil-prone areas as needed.

2-6x annually. Bi-weekly in soil-prone areas



Daily vacuum and/or power pile brushing.

2x daily in traffic areas.

Daily vacuum and/or power pile brushing.


Daily or as needed.

12-52x annually, soil-prone areas particularly.

2-26x annually. Weekly in soil-prone areas.


NOTE: Carpet deep cleaned using SOA-approved Service Providers and SOA-approved equipment, solutions, and systems may extend the life cycle of the carpet.