Developing a Maintenance Program

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Developing a Maintenance Program

A commercial carpet maintenance program should be designed and instituted immediately after installation. A successful maintenance program includes preventative maintenance, following carpet manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines and using SOA-certified cleaning solutions, equipment, and Service Providers.  


These programs are designed to achieve optimum appearance levels and maximum useful life of the carpet. Differences in cleaning frequencies and target areas can vary. Changes in a plan may be necessary to meet cleaning or end user goals. Variables associated with the success of a plan may include but may not be limited to the proper design and deployment of plan, cleaners experience and training, equipment, systems, foot traffic, traffic patterns, environmental conditions, carpet location, carpet selection, cleaning budget, and carpet use.  


Accessibility to all carpeted space is of utmost importance. Coordination between property management and carpet cleaners is key to the performance and longevity of the carpet.