Programs and Schedules

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Programs and Schedules

A customized comprehensive carpet care program consists of five elements:


1.Soil Prevention – isolation or containment of soil by proper interior and exterior mat placement and interior and exterior hard surface maintenance

2.Routine Vacuuming – scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil using a CRI approved SOA/GL vacuum.

3.Routine Spill, Spot, and Stain Removal System – using professional spot removal techniques.

4.Interim Maintenance System Cleaning Systems – scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas.

5.Deep Cleaning Systems – scheduled frequent deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils.


There are some conditions where appearance change must be expected. In areas where the oily material can be tracked into the building (such as asphalt sealers, newly paved parking lot, parking garages, etc.), carpet and other flooring may become yellowed over time. It is extremely difficult to remove all of this material once it has bonded to the fiber of any carpet. Entrance mats and scheduled cleaning may reduce this issue from becoming irreversible.


Areas where large amounts of granular soil or salt/ice melt tracked into the building may cause dullness in appearance over time. This is due to abrasion of the fiber surface, affecting the reflection of light. Frequent vacuuming with a SOA/GL-certified vacuum cleaner helps to minimize this problem.  


A thoughtfully designed and implemented maintenance program performed by qualified personnel, who are properly equipped and trained, is essential for optimal long-term performance.