The Science of Cleaning

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The Science of Cleaning

Understanding the science-based principles of effective deep carpet cleaning will aid immensely in enhancing the long-term performance of carpet. Appreciating the power of these principles begins by understanding the purpose and objectives of cleaning.


Cleaning is the traditional activity of removing contaminants, pollutants, and undesired substances from an environment or surface to reduce damage or harm to human health or valuable materials.  Carpet cleaning is the process of locating, identifying, containing, removing, and properly disposing of unwanted substances from a fibrous surface or material. A primary objective of carpet cleaning is to maximize the removal of unwanted, or foreign, matter from the carpet, and to minimize residues in the carpet.


Many cleaning systems are available; their effectiveness varies widely. When choosing the cleaning system, the important considerations are:

It must clean effectively

It must not damage the carpet

It must not leave excessive residues of cleaning materials

It follows manufacturer’s recommendation