Spots, Spills, and Stains

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Spots, Spills, and Stains

Caution: Read the following information carefully!


Spills, spots and stains are inevitable, but they may not have to be permanent. There should be an immediate action to remove incidental spills, mud, oil, tar, etc. from the surface of the carpet. Contaminants should be rinsed and extracted as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of a permanent stain and/or color loss to occur. Also, when multiple or inappropriate products are used, a permanent stain or color loss can occur. Some specialty products may be needed to remove difficult spills, spots or stains.  It is recommended to contact a CRI SOA Service Provider or follow recommended guidelines from the manufacturer.


Many suppliers that sell cleaning and spot treatment products to professional carpet cleaners are willing to assist you in selecting the right cleaning solutions and procedures for your situation. Be sure to always check with the carpet manufacturer to make sure what type of cleaning solutions can be safely used on the carpet. See CRI approved cleaning solutions at


Spills, spots, and stains are defined as:


Spills can be liquid or dry substance that are deposited accidentally on the surface of the carpet but can migrate to the base of the carpet. Often a quicker response time can aid in the complete removal of the contaminate.  

Spots can be either organic or inorganic material typically deposited on the top of the face fibers. Spots are often caused by oily, tacky, or sticky substances. They usually can be removed by water based or solvent based cleaning solutions.  

Staining is a local, more permanent discoloration that is not easily removed from carpet by standard cleaning methods. This process can sometimes be reversed and should be performed by a trained professional as permanent staining can occur if not done properly.