Purpose of Maintenance Programs

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Purpose of Maintenance Programs

To protect your commercial carpet investment, the need to implement a maintenance program from the beginning is very important. A customized maintenance program’s main objective should be to control soil distribution in carpet. The program should include indoor and outdoor walk off mats, a vacuuming schedule, a protocol for spot removal, deep cleaning, and interim cleaning frequencies. It is the goal of this standard to make commercial carpet maintenance recommendations that will preserve the appearance and extend the life of your carpet.


There is a big difference between cleaning carpet and maintaining carpet. Cleaning is the removal of unwanted matter. In the minds of many consumers, cleaning takes place “as needed.” Soiling is a cumulative process which, if allowed to build up, will potentially damage the carpet fibers physical characteristics, change the carpets appearance and become more difficult to remove. Maintenance, on the other hand, is a planned, ongoing process of soil removal designed to retain carpet appearance at an optimum level every day.


Developing an effective cleaning and maintenance program:


Maintains the appearance and value of property

Allows for the healthy use of space and materials

Helps to manage contaminates and improves indoor air quality

Contributes to occupants' comfort, productivity, and quality of life

Accents aesthetics

Extends the life of the commercial carpet


The appearance of carpet depends upon several factors – use, traffic, color, pattern, density, fiber, and a viable carpet maintenance program. When specifying commercial carpet, consider construction, colors, patterns, textures, and installation method. These features, combined with fiber quality and construction standards engineered to meet performance requirements are important factors. The same effort is required for effective maintenance.