Carpet Performance

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Carpet Performance

Carpet performance is directly related to the specification, installation, and the proper maintenance of it. When the right style of carpet is chosen and it is professionally installed, a professionally designed and instituted maintenance program will increase the life expectancy and performance of that carpet.  


Optimum commercial carpet performance begins with the proper selection and ends with planned maintenance.


Specifications - Was the carpet properly specified in relation to the intended use of the carpet at its location? Was the proper color selected to meet traffic conditions, intensity of sunlight, etc.?





Installation - Was the carpet installed according to CRI 104 Standard For Installation of Commercial Carpet?

Maintenance - Has a scheduled maintenance plan been designed and modified as necessary to serve the intended use?

Commercial Carpet Specification


Style, construction, color, and pattern selection is critical in long-term appearance retention. For example, a light color will require more maintenance in heavy traffic areas; a darker color may retain its appearance longer and may be a better choice in heavy traffic areas. Designers, purchasers, property managers, CRI SOA service providers, and maintenance supervisors who understand this concept can help in the decision to select carpet that optimizes longevity and saves on future capital replacement cost.


Types of Commercial Installation include:


Carpet Tile/Planks Installation

oPressure Sensitive

oAdhesive Tape

oFloating Floor



oDirect Glue

oDouble stick



oSingle-face Wilton

oFace-to-face Wilton


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