Improving Indoor Air Quality

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Dr. Michael Berry states in his book, Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health, “A clean environment is sanitary. When a sanitary condition exists, an adverse health effect is unlikely. Manufacturers’ recommendations for cleaning provide adequate guidelines, calling for frequent vacuuming, and periodic professional deep cleaning that emphasizes removal of foreign substances and minimizing residue. In the long run, these measures protect the carpet and promote environmental health.”


Carpet has an effective “filter-like,” or particle trapping, feature that tends to trap and hold particles to the floor that would otherwise become airborne. Matter being held by the “filter-like” feature of carpet can be removed from the environment instead of re-circulating in the air continually, by using a high-power vacuum cleaner that has the “CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label (SOA/GL)” certification. Refreshing the indoor environment can be as easy as having a regular vacuuming and deep cleaning schedule.


Air movers, HVAC handling systems, and dehumidifiers will assist in the drying when hot water extraction has been utilized.