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Properly maintained carpet can enhance the indoor environment and aesthetic value of any commercial facility. The inherent characteristics of carpet are designed to trap soil, improve acoustical conditions, and increase safety by reducing the risk of slip-fall accidents while adding unique properties of color and design to the facility.  


This standard requirement for maintenance of carpet is based upon principles and procedures developed through practical experience, research, and information obtained from manufacturers, facility service providers, end users, testing laboratories, and others who have specialized expertise. It is recommended for anyone who buys, sells, specifies, or is responsible for the maintenance of a commercial carpet installation. For more detailed information, instructions, and training, please contact the specific manufacturer.


This document is designed to provide information to build awareness of the importance of clean carpeting and its connection to improved indoor air quality along with  recommendations that will assist in developing a maintenance plan tailored for carpet in a commercial environment.


Written in concise, yet thorough fashion, the information included in the CRI 204 Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning is science based and backed up by sound environmental management principles. If utilized, its contents can help foster a healthier indoor environment and extend the life of the carpet.


Carpet manufacturers highly recommend the use of CRI 204 Commercial Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning, in addition to the carpet manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, to develop your maintenance plan for commercial carpet. This approach will help ensure that the carpet will be pleasing visually and will perform for its expected life.  


Failure to follow this standard or the carpet manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines may result in the loss of warranty coverage and/or reduction in long-term performance.


For the most current version of the CRI 204, please visit The Carpet and Rug Institute at