The Seal of Approval Program

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The Seal of Approval Program



Throughout this standard you will see references to the Seal of Approval, or SOA, program. If you are unfamiliar with the program, it is an important resource that you should know about as a consumer, facility manager, or cleaning professional.


The CRI Seal of Approval program is a voluntary testing program that tests the effectiveness of carpet cleaning products and certifies those products that remove difficult stains or a sufficient amount of soil without damage to the carpet. Not all products clean well enough to earn this distinction. Seeing the CRI Seal of Approval logo on products helps consumers recognize that they are buying quality products. The Seal of Approval program also has become a central program in our industry as many carpet manufacturers now require the use of SOA-certified products and CRI-approved cleaning methods to maintain carpet warranties.


In the early 2000s, CRI fielded numerous calls from consumers regarding carpet cleaning products that did not effectively clean carpet or, in some cases, were harmful to the carpet. In response, our organization decided to test products to better understand the issue. The results showed that many of the tested products cleaned at the same efficacy of water. Following this CRI founded the Seal of Approval program to test and certify carpet cleaning products and equipment.


What are the SOA Product Categories?


•        Vacuums

•        Deep Cleaning Systems

•        Deep Cleaning Extractors

•        Solutions

•        Interim Maintenance Systems


Each category has subcategories that will allow you to select the best product for your facility’s needs.


For more information on SOA or to view the certified products, visit The Carpet and Rug Institute website at